Worksmart Global Pty. Ltd.

电话号码: (02) 6251 3388
传真号码: (02) 6253 3263
详细地址: Suite G5, 8 Chandler Street
市镇: Belconnen
州区: ACT - 澳洲首都特区
邮政编码: 2617
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网站分类: Training & Development
AL No.LK1647-4734-116
Worksmart Global is a division of JOB futures SEQ which is a Job Services Australia and Disability Employment Services provider. Worksmart Global has extensive experience in training within Business, Frontline Management, Work Health & Safety, Hospitality, Retail, Information Technology and Construction industries.

Worksmart Global focuses on continuous learning and best practice. We provide a combination of strong classroom, theory and industry practical experience to engage Students in learning and development, skilling and up-skilling. We have found this to be beneficial to employment opportunities that arise in their chosen industries.

Worksmart Global Mission
Worksmart Global communicates a passion to inspire excellence in the journey of discovery, by assisting people to initiate change, develop and create better lives through the journey of education.
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