Sleek and Unique

电话号码: 0417 824 042
详细地址: PO Box 268
市镇: Torrens Park
州区: SA - 南澳洲
邮政编码: 5062
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AL No.LK8423-4704-23
Sleek and Unique was created to put soul back in to gift giving. Gifts are an emotional symbol to show someone we care. Flowers have traditionally been the most popular gesture (and still is to this day) but we found some people want to offer a product that will last a little longer. This is why gift baskets, gift hampers and gift boxes have become very popular. There are many gift options already available to the public but our studio has gone back to gift basics and chosen items that can be enjoyed now and in the future. Our creative studio is continuously working on new pieces and products every week. The receiver can enjoy a piece of original artwork or item created by hand as well as toast their friends with a glass of bubbles!

Every one of our deliveries has the customer in mind. Whether it be a delivery to a heavy heart who has lost a loved one or a cheerful birthday surprise, we know there is emotion attached to our products.

Our humble studio in Adelaide is here to create a perfect gift every time.
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